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A Cold Month Passing By

We left New York State in a slight rush to try and out run a winter Nor’Easter that was barreling up the coast. We had this plan that we could make it away from the single digit temperatures, before ultimately having to stop. We are no longer scared of driving the trailer down the highway – but fear of hitting random ice patches and snow – made us slow down. The trailer was packed poorly, but the camper was in good shape. When we loaded the trailer to the camper there was less of a heave to the truck bed, as it settled onto the airbags I had just installed. All the work from the last 2 months in Germantown, NY was actually paying off. We spent the months sharing the front yard with chickens, ducks and goats on my friends farm. (If you ever find yourself in the Hudson area of New York State – do yourself a favor and look up Darlin’ Doe Farm and get yourself some goat meat, chicken meat or even better a chicken pot pie).

So we crossed into the Appalachian mountains and braved the snow – and started to head South to the warmth of North Carolina (or so we thought). North Carolina has been hit with an abnormal amount of snow, and the evening temperatures are hovering in the mid 20s, leaving ice caked everywhere and the space heater plugged in. We are nestled on the East side of a mountain off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Lowgap, NC at The Wellspring Mountain Camp. The sunrises are epic, but by around 4pm, the sun settles behind the mountain, leaving us to stay in a perpetual state of dusk. I have not seen the sun set since I have been here. But man oh man, those sunrises.

We are here until the end of February. Resting, finishing up some random things on the camper and redoing shelves in the darkroom of the Ark. A pipe burst in NY, so now that the ice is finally thawing, I can get into the Ark and fix that as well – which means I can start to use the darkroom again. In the focused build of the camper, I ignored the frigid temps in New York State, and didnt even think to look at the water situation in the Ark. A failure that I won’t let happen again, but something I am incredibly disappointed in myself about. But this is all part of the work – and part of the fun! At least that’s what I keep reminding myself.

I have found myself blocked from picking up the camera. I am convinced its the cold weather, short days and the long list of “To-Dos” for our house on wheels. But things are starting to free up in my mind. I can start to see how light travels through different trees, bounces through different materials and other random reflections that give me so much excitement. I will be in New York for the 14th and 15th to photograph my fathers recording – something I haven’t done in a few years – and I am very excited to be among the music for a couple days. Adam will be traveling to Seattle for a week to catch up with family and embrace his favorite wet season in the NW. Next we head to Savannah, GA where we have been awarded the ON:: View residency at Sulfur Studios. Neither of us have been to Savanna, so we are looking forward to learning new history, seeing new things, meeting new people and their stories, and most importantly, taking photographs again.

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