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Portrait of US – North Hero, VT

We spent September of 2021 exploring and documenting in and around North Hero, VT, a small town in the Lake Champlain Islands near Burlington

Portrait of US - Tom and Fritz North Hero, VT

Tom and Fritz

We spoke with Tom and Fritz on the property in North Hero where their family has been summering since the late 1800’s.

John and Berney

We spoke with John and Berney about how they found themselves living in North Hero, and their connection to their land.

Portrait of Us - John and Berney North Hero, VT

Portrait of Us - Mary Catherine North Hero, VT

Mary Catherine

We met Mary Catherine on her farm in Isle LaMotte, VT. We talked about what is was like for her to move back to the islands, and her search for community.


We talked with Linda about how she ended up working to conserve some of the islands wild spaces.

Portrait of Us - Linda North Hero, VT

Portrait of Us - Saxon North Hero, VT


We met Saxon on the farm they were working on for the summer. We talked about being a queer person in the south and how being in the islands has given them some perspective.

Amanda and Hugo

Amanda and Hugo spoke with us about how they ended up running a farm in North Hero, and what it means to them and their family.

Portrait of Us - Amanda and Hugo North Hero, VT

Portrait of Us - Caroline North Hero, VT


Caroline is the head librarian for North Hero. She told us about moving to the islands, and what it’s like becoming part of a close knit community.

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