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Portrait of US – Rochester, NY

In October 2021 we spent four days interviewing and photographing students at Monroe Community College in Rochester, finishing our time there with a Pop Up show on campus. It was a lot of work to get everything done in that short time frame and we are proud of the work that came out of it.

SR Banks

SR Banks spoke with us about her relationship with motherhood and how proud her son makes her.

Portrait of Us - SR Banks Rochester, NY

Portrait of Us - Zazie Rochester, NY


Zazie talked about mental health awareness and how important it is to not make snap judgements about people.


Portrait of Us - Moth Rochester, NY


We talked with Mark about his journey with illustration and how it helps in his cancer treatments.

Portrait of Us - Mark Rochester, NY

Portrait of Us - Megan Rochester, NY


Megan shared about how she decided to change career paths from educator to photographer and the similarities between the two.


Portrait of Us - Bella Rochester, NY

Portrait of Us - JD Rochester, NY


JD spoke with us about changing schools and finding his passion for film and storytelling.


Austin told us his story of coming to Rochester

Portrait of Us - Austin Rochester, NY

Portrait of us - Kaiya Rochester, NY


Kaiya spoke with us about how art can help people through a tough time and her own journey towards emotional awareness.


Maddie talked with us about having dyslexia and what that meant for her experience in school.

Portrait of us - Maddie Rochester, NY

Portrait of Us - Ari Rochester, NY


We spoke with Ari about his engineering degree into the world of film and what drives him to be a storyteller.

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